PPI-SA Programming Is Underway

Today’s blog is written by PPI-SA Marketing and Fundraising Manager Sbahle Mkhize about kicking off 2017 programming!


We are three weeks into try outs and the participants have been in full attendance. The aim of the try outs is for the coaches to select the 24 boys and girls that will be participating in the programme for 2017. It’s no easy task as the coaches have to select 24 children out of 50 plus children. With the assistance of the school representative, the coaches select their team.

This year sees a new addition to the PPI-SA family. Gardenia Primary School in Austerville have joined the programme this year. The partnership makes sense because the school was looking for innovative ways to provide their learners with quality sport activities at the lowest costs for parents. We are so excited for this partnership and look forward to seeing the children benefit from our programme.

PPI-SA 2017 Coaches

PPI-SA 2017 Coaches

Furthermore, a number of schools from last year, are still a part of our programme. Including LIV Village, Glenmore Primary School, and the reigning champions Cwebezela Primary School. In total we have 21 teams/schools in our programme this year.

Events and games are set to start on the 15th of March among schools. This years calendar is jam packed with exciting events ahead, so look out for more blogs, pictures and posts from PPI-SA soon!


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