Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Today’s blog comes from the team at PPI-SA, who is kicking off their year in an exciting way!

Second round of the interviews this Monday.

Second round of the interviews this Monday.

Happy New Year to all our From-the-Field readers! 2017 is proving to be a great year as PPI-SA is one step away from selecting the young leaders who will be coaches for 2017. Just this past Monday, PPI-SA hosted the second round of interviews for all the applicants. And, in true PPI style, the proceedings started on the basketball court.  There were over 25 applicants present with a few returning coaches. The interview process has been happening since December 2016, all thanks to  the PPI-SA HR Manager, Mtu Zulu and the rest of the PPI-SA staff members for really working together tirelessly to ensure that by the time programing commences in schools on the 14th of February , there is a dream team ready to coach!

Moreover, when the 2017 coaches are selected they will be participating in 5 day long orientation camp funded by Laureus.  This will give new coaches the opportunity to get inducted into the PPI family as well as get to know the programme a little more.

PPI-SA would also love to announce the appointment of, the newly created position of the Local Fellow, to Thobani “African Panda” Khumalo. Thobani will be working closely with the Strategy & Operations to manage and coordinate all programs. PPI-SA is so excited to have Thobani on a full time basis and look forward to see his growth and success in the year ahead.

PPI-SA's Thobani (left) with PPI-CY International Fellow Ryan

PPI-SA’s Thobani (left) with PPI-CY International Fellow Sean.

PPI-SA is looking forward to the year ahead, and kicking off programming in 2017.


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