Cetin shares his thoughts on the PPI-ME exchange

This week’s blog by PPI-CY is written by Assistant Coach/long time participant Cetin about his experience on the PPI-ME exchange trip last month. 


All Smiles!



Hi everyone, I am Cetin. I’m 20 years old and I’ve been in the program since it started in Cyprus. I have had many twinnings, camps and sessions that increase my quality of life for the better. I’ve played in PeacePlayers for 10 years, but for the last two camps I’ve been an assistant coach with my crazy sister Sophia. Today I would like to share my experiences about the Middle East trip, which is the one of the greatest memories that PeacePlayers provided me. (It was sad Sophia couldn’t come and we couldn’t give some strikeeeess!! for players.)


My crazy friends

The Middle East trip was awesome and we had a great camp for five days. There were four groups –  Middle East, Norway, Northern Ireland and Cyprus. Each group had 12 players and three coaches. We stayed at a hotel in Israel for a week that had a great beach with an awesome sunset each day. All of the sessions were effective for players on and off the court. Many players had already met before at the first exchange camp in Cyprus. This camp was another chance for players to build strong bridges between them, which they achieved from my view.



Exploring the Holy City

After five days of camp, we went to The Dead Sea which was crazy and incredible experience on salty water. Later that night we moved our hotel where we stayed in Jerusalem. We had a great time sightseeing in the old city and we learned some wonderful information about three religions in one city the ‘Holy City’.

The saddest thing was end of the camp. Everyone had some great experiences with their old friends and they made new friends, so it was hard to leave. There were some tears, but those tears are for our big FAMILY to have strong bonds with us. To sum up I would like to thank for PPI for this camp opportunity and other participants in camp which we had a unforgettable experiences in a week. Hope we will have more great experiences together in the future!!


Cetin 4.jpg

Such a great time with amazing people! Miss them all!


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