PPI-CY Lead4Peace participant Victor Petrov recaps his PPI-ME trip

This week’s blog from PPI-CY is written by PPI-CY Lead4Peace participant Victor Petrov. He recaps his experience being part of the exchange trip to PPI-ME a few weeks ago. 

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These are my people!

Aloha everyone I’m Victor Petrov! I’m 18 years old and I live in the south side of Cyprus. Today I would like to share with all of you my experience as a PPI member and why it is so important to me.



So, I have been in PeacePlayers since 2011 and through all these years I have learned so many things, met a lot of people, and made many friends. Of course I have improved on the court, but at the same time become a better person and leader as well.

As an organization that brings two and more communities together, PPI makes many cool and fun activities like the trip where we went a few weeks ago to Israel. It was an amazing experience with so many moments that I will never forget. There where 15 participants from each county including the coaches, and all of us stayed in a hotel for the week. Everyday got better and better. We had basketball practice, leadership sessions, some free time to hang out with our old and new friends, and some meetings too. But, everything we did was unique and something new for us, which was exciting.


Having some fun!

Towards the end of the trip, we went to the Dead Sea and a toured through Jerusalem and the old city where everything was just marvelous. Then the last day came the hardest moment from all the trip, the moment when you are saying good bye to everyone, maybe to your roommate or your new friend. We were starting to feel and act like a huge family so it wasn’t easy when we had to leave. In the end I just want to thank all my coaches for supporting us and for being there for us all the time. Thank you to the PPI Family for the great opportunity and to every one that made this trip unforgettable!!!



“Be the change you want to see!”

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