Welcome Joe Smith to our DC office

joe picJoe Smith is PPI’s new Organizational Learning Specialist.  His roles in this new position include collaborating with local staff on all aspects of training, delivery and learning. He will also help support our PPI-SPIN program. His job will work to enhance a set of tools, tailored to the needs of each site that will be used to implement PPI’s curricula and support the organization-wide effort to monitor and evaluate program performance.

We interviewed Joe and here is what we learned:

How did you first start to work with PPI?

“I first heard about PPI when I was playing basketball at St. Mary’s of Maryland. My basketball coach knew Sean Tuohey (one of the founders of PPI) and introduced us” Joe explained how after college he spent a few years coaching at Dematha High School before deciding to become a fellow in our Northern Ireland program. He started as a fellow in August of 2014 and now is here in DC.

What did you study in college?

“I studied History and Political Science.”

 What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

“Well aside from being the Godfather to my youngest brother, I come from a family of six kids, I would say my greatest accomplishment is finding a career I love” Joe told us about his love for basketball and how happy he is that he get to use his talents to make positive impacts on others.



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