Another Great Year in the Books!

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Springfest is a time to celebrate friendships before summer break.

At the end of the programing cycle each year PeacePlayers International-Middle East holds an event called Springfest where the the Arab and Jewish teams from East and West Jerusalem as well as a few teams from the north come together for a fun filled day.  Here is a recap of the two Springfests from this year.

Just before putting a pause on programming for Ramadan and summer break,

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Kids warmed up with a kickboxing workout

Springfest took place at Even Yehuda and it was a blast. The day started off with a great kickboxing warm-up that really got the kids moving and sweating. The participants were then split up into teams and went around to the different stations. The stations included an inflatable bounce house, hip hop class, lacrosse, 5 on 5, a basketball obstacle course.   The turnout was amazing with 115 participants showing up from East and West Jerusalem as well as Tamra and Nahariya in the north.

We were fortunate to have some student-athletes from University of Michigan drop by and help with the stations and meet the participants.  The student-athletes did a great job of jumping in and helping to demonstrate the stations as well as cheer and hand out hi-fives.

There was also a Springfest held in Kfar Saba which included the participants from the teams in Kfar Saba and Meiser. This Springfest was equally energized and fun with stations such as Twister, lacrosse, a bounce house, and a basketball tournament. Despite all the fun stations, the major highlight was the cotton candy machine at the end where participants left with a mountain of cotton candy to end another successful programing cycle.

Springfest is always a great event that everyone looks forward to from the coaches and volunteers to the participants themselves.  It is a great way for the participants to meet new people in addition to spending time with the team they do joint activities with throughout the year.

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Thank you to USAID for sponsoring the event, University of Michigan, the coaches, and the Leadership Development Program for helping PeacePlayers pull off another exciting end of the year bash!


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