3 Reasons to Vote for PPI

PPI-SA CoachPeacePlayers International (PPI) is competing alongside three others charities in the Gatorade For the Love of Sports™ campaign for a chance to win $50,000! As a non-profit, donations and grants are vital to continue doing what we do. So please vote for us by going to http://www.gatorade.com/loveofsports and click on PeacePlayers. You can vote once a day until July 23, 2016.
Now as an intern and passionate supporter of PeacePlayers, I can come up with upwards of 50 reasons why you should vote for PPI in this contest, but I will just share three of those reasons:

1) What we do matters:
The work that PeacePlayers International does is unlike anyone else. We work on the ground in areas of conflict to bridge the gap between youth who are not only learning how to play basketball together, they are learning how to live together. In a country like Cyprus, which has been divided for almost 50 years, PPI gave most of our players being the first opportunity they meet someone from “the other side” – eventually becoming teammates and friends. This is the first step to conflict resolution in conflict torn areas. Click here to watch this short video get to know us a little better.

Northern Ireland

Youth Participants in Northern Ireland

2) We are global:
We didn’t just add the word international in our name for fun, it is because we are truly global. We have worked in more than 15 countries spread across 5 continents, with offices in Cyprus, the Middle East, Northern Ireland, South Africa and Washington, DC. $50,000 goes along ways in areas like these. The money will be used to help ensure the continuation of these projects.

3) We are sustainable:
Our program functions so that the participants are able to stay with PeacePlayers long term. We are more than just a summer camp. We have a natural progression from participant to leads, coaches and fellows. Many go on to become full-time staff of our organization. In our first location of South Africa more than 80% of our coaches and staff started out as youth participants


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