PPI-CY Enters Larnaca Streetball 3v3 Tournament

Andriana and TuneSquad receiving the 2nd place trophy

Andriana and TuneSquad receiving the 2nd place trophy

This week’s blog is written by Andriana Kasapi, one of our LDP PeacePlayers. Andriana competes in many of Cyprus’ local 3v3 basketball tournaments. Last weekend, she decided to register a team with some fellow PeacePlayers and made it all the way to the Championship final.

TuneSquad playing the Larnaca Tournament

TuneSquad playing the Larnaca Tournament

Hey everyone! My name is Andriana Kasapi. I am 15 years old and I am a PeacePlayer from Larnaca, Cyprus. I’ve been involved with this organization for the last three years and I am really excited this is my first opportunity to be part of the PeacePlayers blog!

Last weekend we had the pleasure to participate in the Larnaca 3on3 Tournament.

The aim of it was to bring basketball players together from all over the island and have a fun and friendly basketball competition. The weekend was also particularly special because I decided to gather together a PeacePlayers team. TuneSquad, our team, included me, Styliana Velinova, Maria Kalianou and Jessica Walton, one of our fellows here in Cyprus.

The first day we played three games and won all three of them, qualifying to the semi-finals. The second day was even more exciting as we were closer to our goal. The semi-final was not easy. Our opponents were tough competition as they were skillful and determined. So in the end we made it to the final, we gave our best and came second. Reaching the final was not only about playing a strong basketball, but it was about communication, leadership, determination and teamwork (all things we practice each day as PeacePlayers). So, we did come out victorious; maybe not with a gold medal but a challenging experience!


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