Celebrating Another Great Year at PPI-ME!


One last group photo for the year! Teams from Meiser, Kfar Saba, Tamra, and Nahariya.

The end of the season is here, and PeacePlayers — Middle East likes to go out with a bang! This year, PeacePlayers organized two Minifests….on the same day! There was a Minifest in Jerusalem and one for the Northern teams. A Minifest is a great way to unite lots of teams and give the players a chance to get to know each other. And of course, Minifests are a great way for all the players to have fun together.


An All Star (far left) from the Tamra/Nahariya team helps lead a basketball passing station.


Learning to balance a plate on a stick in the juggling section.

The excitement at Minifest was palpable in the air. The kids were exceptionally excited because of the huge variety of activities to choose from: basketball, juggling, Kung Fu, bounce houses, and more. This year, the Northern teams from Kfar Saba, Meiser, Nahariya, and Tamra enjoyed going from station to station led by coaches and the Tamra/Nahariya All Star team. The All Stars were key in leading the Minifest and it proved to be a great chance for them to give back to the PeacePlayer community and to practice their leadership skills.


Minis from Tamra practicing their Kung Fu skills.

PeacePlayers uses a long-term model whereby we keep investing in the same players year after year, and have them invest back in the programming later on. The skills learned by giving back to PeacePlayers are phenomenal for the participants. Some of the same players in Minifests from 5 years ago are the coaches of the players at Minifests today! We hope that with our work in the North we will expand this type of longitudinal programming in the upcoming year.


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