My Journey Has Just Begun

This week’s blog is written by one of PPI-CY’s most enthusiastic leaders, Christiana “Mush” Miltiadous. Mush had an outstanding season and is really coming into her own both on and off the court.

Mush holding one of her hard earned  trophies!

Mush holding one of her hard earned trophies!

Hello readers! My name is Christiana Miltiadous, also known as Mush, and I am 17 years old.

I have been playing basketball since 2012. When I first started I knew the basic rules, but not how to actually play the game. I always loved sports, but when I started basketball I became more passionate about sports and particularly about basketball. Years ago, I wasn’t really in a good place. I had a really short temper, I preferred to just stay alone and listen to music. I wasn’t a good student. I almost stayed back a year. But when I started basketball everything changed! I met a wonderful coach that kept motivating me even when I didn’t believe in myself. He kept encouraging me and kept saying if you want something you need to try your best and you will achieve it! He helped me become a better person on and off the court. That’s exactly what I did! My grades started getting better and my confidence increased; especially when I joined PeacePlayers – Cyprus. I have met some incredible people who inspire me to be the person I am today. I’m very grateful for that. They taught me a lot of things such as to have respect for the other person in every aspect of life and that everyone is the same no matter their country of origin or religion. We are all a team! A FAMILY!

Mush's athletic and academic awards proudly displayed in her home

Mush’s athletic and academic awards proudly displayed in her home.

This year, I saw a big difference in my basketball skills but also with my academics. My school team won the Pancyprian Championship and we were given the opportunity to play against Greece. My PPI family came and supported me at the match, shouting my name and writing it on a banner. On top of that, my town team won the U18 Cup Finals and the Championship.

This year I played my first match with the senior women’s team. I was the second leading scorer and I was seen by the national team coach. He invited me to try out for the national team. Unfortunately, I wasn’t picked but that didn’t stop me from keeping up my hard work and practicing everyday so I can achieve my goal.

Besides the basketball improvement, I improved my study skills; as a result I was on the honor roll with a GPA of 19.167 out of 20. This made my family, coaches, friends and myself very proud.

The lesson I was taught is that it’s not easy to achieve your goals, but with hard work and determination you can achieve anything you want even if they might sound crazy.

Mush and Nicos at PPI-CY's annual spring tournament in April

Mush and Nicos at PPI-CY’s annual spring tournament in April.

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone that helped me in different ways and supported me through everything, my family, friends, and my coaches at PPI. A BIG THANK YOU goes to coach NIKOS MASHIAS, for believing in me when I didn’t and helping me not only with basketball, but in my personal life. He always said “you can do it! Just try!” and he motivates me every day!

The journey has just begun!


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