The Flowers Are Blooming And So Is PeacePlayers



Dancing some Zumba at the Springfest!

PeacePlayers-Middle East just had its annual SpringFest! Teams from East and West Jerusalem along with Nahariya and Tamra came to Even Yehuda for some fun and basketball.


Trying to get the fastest time in completing all of the different relays and challenges at the basketball station

The SpringFest functions to give PeacePlayers from different regions the ability to meet and get to know each other. By breaking the large group into mixed teams, they completed all the designated stations together. At this SpringFest we had five stations, which were relay basketball session, hip-hop, lacrosse, American football, and a Peace Education station. But before breaking into teams and completing the stations, PeacePlayer participants did a little warm up with some Zumba! At the front of the crowd was some of the young boys from Jerusalem who took the exercise dancing seriously as they tried to get every move just right.


Hope you don’t miss! Learning how to trust each other and learn the others’ language

Each team was led by LDP volunteers who helped the station teams get to know each other’s names and move from station to station. The participants were all star athletes as they dabbled in lacrosse, American football, and of course basketball. We mixed in a bit of hip hop and Peace Education to make it a well rounded event.

During the peace education session the participants learned how to give directions in Hebrew and Arabic (up, down, right, left, straight), and most importantly how to trust each other. In mixed pairs, the players had to feed each other some delicious chocolate pudding….but there was a catch. The person feeding his/her partner had to be blindfolded. This required the players being fed to communicate, using the newly learned words, exactly where to put the pudding. Otherwise it could land on their shirt! The participants loved the challenge and couldn’t stop laughing. At the end of the station we discussed the positives and the difficulties of the exercise.


Learning some cool dance moves at the Springfest

There were smiles and laughter at every station with a twist of friendly competition. Overall, the players from different teams got the chance to share positive experiences with one another.


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