Tramayne Adams: From Team Founder to Coach

Tramayne speaking in front of PPI-SA's school reps earlier this year

Tramayne speaking in front of PPI-SA’s school reps earlier this year

PPI – South Africa Coach Tramayne Adams did not grow up in Durban, but since moving to Wentworth in 2010 it has become home. As an eleventh grader at Umbilo Secondary School, Tramayne helped start PPI-SA’s Wentworth Leadership Development Program, hire Coach Yamkela (then Assegai Primary Coach), and recruit his peers to play. After matriculating last year, we knew we had to get Tramayne on board as a coach.

Meet Assegai Primary Coach, Tramayne Adams:

Tramayne and his Assegai Primary Girls shaking hands with Carrington Primary

Tramayne and his Assegai Primary Girls shaking hands with Carrington Primary

Hi, I am Tramayne Adams and I’m originally from Johannesburg but moved to Wentworth, Durban  in 2010. I first heard about PeacePlayers International when I was doing grade 11 at Umbilo Secondary School where I was introduced to PeacePlayers by (former Primary School participant, and current Leadership Develop Programme Participant) Slindile Mbutho. At that time we didn’t have a LDP team in Wentworth, so I went to Coach Yam to see if we could start one. That was probably one of the biggest turning points for me. I played in the LDP program, helping to recruit participants along the way, for two years and I felt like I had grown as a person and I wanted to join the Professional Development Program (PDP) to continue growing as well as grow and empower other young people. That’s when I joined the PDP and went on to coach Assegai Primary School in Wentworth.

Tramayne leading an ice breaker at the March 20 Extravaganza

Tramayne leading an ice breaker at the March 20 Extravaganza

Being a coach has given me the platform to use the leadership skills I gained from being in the LDP. It was really easy to develop a close relationship with my team because we all live in the same area and I have a great understanding of the struggles they come across living in Wentworth. Developing that close friend relationship has helped my team open up to me not only as their coach but also as their friend and mentor. That has made it so much more easier for me to as a coach to connect with my team and get them to grasp the concepts and skills I teach them.

Looking back at the first term, one event stands out the most. On the 20th of March 2015 PeacePlayers hosted a basketball extravaganza in Umlazi. There were four schools that took part in this extravaganza, Assegai, Excelsior, Carrington and Cwebezela Primary Schools, approximately 100 kids in total. The aim of hosting extravaganzas is to get the players from the different ares to get to know each other, changing perceptions along the way. The first thing we do at Extravaganzas is walk the kids through an ice breaker as a way to get them mingling early on. When the other coaches and I were planning out the event I was the coach chosen to introduce an ice breaker in front of all the participants.  Through the confidence that I gained from developing a good relationship with my team it was really easy to engage with the 100 or so children and bring them together as one, we felt like one big family. The feeling of seeing your team develop so well and play a good game of basketball keeping in mind the PeacePlayers Pledge is probably the most rewarding thing about being a coach for PeacePlayers.

This year has started off so well and I’m really excited to get to see the positive change in the actions, mindset and basketball skill level in every individual in my team.


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