A Journey to Coaching with PPI: Mbali (Slie) Gcabashe

Coach SlieThis week we continue our Introducing our Coaches Series. Over the last few years PeacePlayers International – South Africa has consistently had a shortage in coaches in Umlazi. Given it is Durban’s largest township and is home to four PPI Primary Schools recruiting new coaches was a heavy focus for PPI Office staff entering this year. Today’s blog is written by one of our first year coaches in Umlazi, Mbali (Slie) Gcabashe.

What school do you coach?

Emthethweni Primary School (Umlazi)

How long have you been playing basketball?

Since grade 6 (2008) at Austerville Primary School, until now (2015)

How did you hear about the coaching job?

My primary school coach was from PPI, and I was really inspired with how they coach and how they treat youth. They were friendly in such a way that I also hungered to become a coach one day and working for the same organisation. Thobani (PPI’s area coordinator) called me and asked me if I’m still interested in coaching.

umlazi ldp 2How has your experience as a coach been so far?

GREAT!!! What makes it more awesome is that I love working with kids and they love working with me. Everyday after school I just can’t wait to go out and coach them. And what I have realized now is that when playing basketball, it’s not about winning, but its about having fun and uniting the people, more especially treating each other like family.

What is your favourite moment as a coach thus far?

My favourite moment as coach is when I see my kids playing a match against other schools. So far they make me feel proud as a coach, I can see that I am going somewhere with them. Even though it is my duty to teach them, but also, I have learnt to have confidence in myself and that I am capable in doing anything and make it successful.

Name three things that you have learned?

 To have confidence in myself.

 How to love one another and stick together as a team despite of losing and winning.

 I have learned to socialize with people and get learnt how to share my skills with them.

Coach Slie passing on knowledgeWhat are your dreams for the future? For you? And the children you coach?

I really hope that my kids simply improve at basketball. Most importantly I just want them to succeed in whatever they do and to treat life just like basketball, train themselves in order to reach victory. And my dreams for the future is to just have my own businesses one day, becoming a very successful woman and to be someone’s roles model, not forgetting to change the world and make a difference.



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