School Reps: The Unsung Heroes of PPI-South Africa


PPI-SA school reps gathered this past Friday for a beginning of the year briefing

Over the last few weeks we introduced you to PPI-SA’s newest employee, Sbahle Mkhize, and given you a sneak peek into the lives of two of our coaches. This week we are highlighting a group of individuals who if it were not for, our programme would not exist: School Reps. Each of PPI’s partners schools has a school rep who acts as liaison between the school and players and PPI.

These school reps recruit participants, help monitor learners attendance and grades and act as de facto mentors to PPI’s coaches. Each and every one of them volunteers for this position and does it beyond their normal responsibilities of teaching.

Coach Tramayne Adams of Assegai Primary shares with school representatives what PPI means to him.

Coach Tramayne Adams of Assegai Primary shares with school representatives what PPI means to him.

This past Friday, PPI-SA kicked off its programme with a Primary School Extravaganza and School Rep briefing. School reps across each of PPI’s communities came together to meet one another, hear testimonials from two current PPI coaches and learn about programme goals entering 2015 and learn about the challenges and successes facing each of their schools and communities. Afterwards, they were treated to some good ole fashioned basketball with a PSP Extravaganza. Meet PPI-SA’s School Reps:

How long have you been working at your school?

27 years – Mr. Giles, Collingwood Primary School, Wentworth

18 years – Ms. Nokuthula, Sukuma Primary School, Umlazi

15 years – Ms. Singh, Waterloo Primary School, Waterloo

13 years – Ms. Zama, Excelsior Primary School, Lamontville

11 years – Mrs. LeRoux-Wbster, Assegai Primary School, Wentworth

9 years – Ms. Vilakazi, Carrington Primary School, Durban City

7 Years – Ms. Ngidi, Durban Primary School, Durban City


Why did you decide to volunteer as a school representative for PeacePlayers International – South Africa?

I like sports because it helps children develop unique skills. For some learners who have difficultly in the classroom, it allows them to express themselves other places, and often times leads to improvements in learning. – Ms. Nokuthula, Sukuma Primary School

I have a huge interest in basketball. I was so happy to help get the pupils involved in sport. It provides a great outlet for them and keeps them away from harmful activities such as drugs. – Ms. Singh – Waterloo Primary School

I love sports and the benefit it has on children. I have been a school rep for 12 years and see the impact it has on the learners. – Ms. Zama, Excelsior Primary


What is your favorite memory from your time as a PPI School Rep?

The day the construction of our basketball court completed. I still remember the excitement on the pupils faces.

As part of the day, School reps had a chance to meet and discuss some of the issues facing their communities.

As part of the day, School reps had a chance to meet and discuss some of the issues facing their communities.

Ms. Nokuthula, Sukuma Primary

I love all the fun activities and life skills development lessons. I also love interacting with the different communities. – Mr. Giles, Collingwood Primary

My favourite times are the City Wide Tournament (which is held twice a year by PPI). Kids get to intermingle with leaners from different communities. – Mrs. LeRoux Webster, Assegai Primary

The excitement when basketball was first introduced to the school and the community as a whole – Ms. Singh, Waterloo Primary


Have you seen any noticeable change in the classroom from kids who participate in the PPI Programme?

Yes, the confidence and leadership skills of basketball kids are evident and translate directly to the classroom. – Ms. LeRoux-Webster, Assegai Primary

Kids who participate in basketball are more disciplined in terms of their school work, but are also more respectful to their teachers and other learners. – Ms. Vilakazi, Carrington Primary

Definitely! The positive change is evident especially in the increased confidence of the participants. – Mr. Giles, Collingwood Primary


Describe your relationship with your PPI Coach? How are they with the kids?

I have a good relationship with my coach. She is very good at what she does and loves the kid. She is incredibly dedicated and is doing a great job at Carrington. – Ms. Vilakazi, Carrington Primary

I love my coach. She is involved with the kids and is great at relating with them to help them open up about the issues they face as teenagers – Ms. Ngidi, Durban Primary


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