PPI – NI 2015…endings and new beginnings!

I have always believed that endings and beginning are very important. 2014 ended extremely well for PPI-NI 2014. On the 6th of December we had a fantastic tournament to end our term – Jingle Ball. We had around 120 children and young people that day, with approximately 40 volunteers. What a fantastic day we had! In addition to that successful event, on the 18th of December the full time staff at PPI-NI helped to organize a Game of Three Halves (GO3H) out at Antrim Forum for over 80 children. The event went really well and both the Antrim Borough Council and the Moving Forward Together Group (from Antrim) were very impressed with our work!

Jingle Ball participants 2014

Jingle Ball participants 2014


As January 2015 has come around I am reminded of last January. PPI-NI was fortunate to gain funding for a year to secure a new position – a Business Development Officer.

Keith Mitchell leaving the staff team but not PPI-NI!

Keith Mitchell leaving the staff team but not PPI-NI!

We were very lucky to have the services of Keith Mitchell for this past year. He has supported our fundraising efforts and has helped to create a sustainable business model for PPI-NI. He has done a fantastic job! 2015 sees Keith move on to pastures new. Keith contributed so much to PPI-NI this past year and we are sad to see him go. However, he remains committed to PPI-NI and will serve on the board as volunteer. Thank you for all that you have brought to PPI-NI Keith!


January 2015 is already off to a busy start. All of our school twinnings are about to re-start as well as a number of Technical Assistance Projects in Larne, Ballymena, Antrim and Lurgan. One exciting project is a collaboration with the government Department of Culture and Leisure (DCAL), with the Greater Village Regeneration Trust and Roden Street Community Development Group. The project is bringing two sets of young people together from two separate communities in Belfast. They will work together on a multi sports project with a PeacePlayers twist. It is exciting to have our work recognized by the government and that we have the opportunity to make our unique contribution to this pilot initiative – to use sport to deliver on the messages that the government itself wants to promote.

Let’s get pumped for the rest of 2015 PPI-NI!!

PPI-NI’s Twinning Programme in Ballymena

PPI-NI’s Twinning Programme in Ballymena


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