It’s Cool to Be a PeacePlayer!

Sophia and friends in Norway

Sophia (second from left) and with her PeacePlayers Teammates in Norway

Hey my name is Sophia Georgiou and I am a 17 year old English-Cypriot. I live in Larnaca and I have been a PeacePlayer for almost 3 years. The reason I joined at first was because of the basketball and really thats all I thought PeacePlayers was about . But then through all the twinnings, leadership retreats and summer camps that PeacePlayers organizes throughout the year, I realized that its much more than basketball.

Sophia and leaders at the past Leadership Retreat in Agros

Sophia and leaders at the past Leadership Retreat in Agros

PeacePlayers is an amazing organization that combines one of my favorite sports with peace building, which i think is awesome keeping in mind that I live in a divided country. The truth is that to me Cyprus is one country united and PeacePlayers have given me so many opportunities to see that.

My most cherished experience with PeacePlayers was the Norway trip this past summer. In Norway I was hosted by a lovely Norwegian family with my Turkish-Cypriot friend Nursu. We stayed together for a week and she is no different than my hometown friends. We listened to music together, played basketball , we played video games (I won) and basically through that trip I connected a lot with her and I can call her my sister. It isn’t only Nursu though, PeacePlayers has introduced me to so many amazing people from both sides of Cyprus and I see us as a big family where I have many brothers and sisters and even my coaches are like my family. I can always turn to them for advice either for basketball or life. Being brought up by English parents who grew up in a multicultural environment, I think its a real shame that most people are blinded by politics.

Sophia and Havva coaching the other LDP members at the past retreat!

Sophia and Havva coaching the other LDP members at the past retreat!

I’m grateful to PeacePlayers for a lot of things-they helped me meet some of my closest friends, they have given me opportunities to visit the other side of the island, they gave me a chance to travel to another country. But the thing I’m most grateful for is that they showed me how to be a good role model for my 4 younger sisters who mean the world to me!! So for that and so many other reasons I thank PeacePlayers and especially my coaches who are always there for me when I need it!! PLAY FOR PEACE LOVE PEACEPLAYERS!!


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