PeacePlayers and the two mayors of Nicosia

PeacePlayers and the two mayors of Nicosia

Today’s blog is brought to you by PeacePlayers International-Cyprus Turkish-Cypriot Coordinator Sureyya Deger!

PeacePlayers International-Cyprus has been awarded an EU grant in cooperation with The Cyprus Turkish Diabetes Association (CTDA) for their joint project called “Promoting Peace and Wellness in Cyprus”. On Monday, 24 November 2014, the two partners held a launch event at the Home for Cooperation within the United Nations Nicosia Buffer Zone to announce the official start of the project as well as highlight the core activities to be implemented over the three year duration.

During the event the Head of the European Union Programme Support Office, Ms. Alessandra Viezzer, the two Mayors of Nicosia, Mr. Constantinos Yiorkadjis and Mr Mehmet Harmanci, and one of the PPI-CY Youth Leaders, Christiana Miltiadous, addressed the audience.


Mr. Yiorkadjis Constantinos, has supported the project: “We are here to promote three extremely beneficial attributes that we want our youth to implement: wellness; healthy eating and sports”. He continued by stressing that positive cooperation between the two communities is imperative but the “first building block…is creating trust”. He continued by congratulating the project implementation team on their efforts and offered his support in their endeavour.

Both Nicosia mayors together!

Both Nicosia mayors together!

Mr. Mehmet Harmanci echoed the words of Yiorkadjis by thanking the implementing partners “for bringing the two communities together for interaction”. He continued by supporting the ethos of the project emphasizing that the project “will help us to raise our children to be aware of peace and wellness, and have a peaceful and healthier life together on the island”. He rounded off his address by offering his support to the project and stated that he felt proud to be included within the project and for being able to play a part in a project that will help to “reshape the future of the island”.

“Through these activities, young people will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of cooperation, leadership and team work”

A bike that blends the juice on your own power!

A bike that blends juice using your own power!

Viezzer praised the project stating that “through these activities, young people will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of cooperation, leadership and team work”. She continued by stating that positive examples of cooperation between the implementing partners should be portrayed more within the media to provide positive examples that “Cypriots can work and cooperate together for the benefit of their communities, and in this case for the benefit of young people”.

The addresses were finalized by the PPI-CY Youth Leader Christiana Miltiadous who stated that the need to find a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus conflict is imperative, especially for Cypriot youth; and called out for positive support by the two community leaders. Miss Miltiadous emphasized a powerful message during her address when detailing the activities of the health and wellness project by stating that “without today, there is no tomorrow and without health; there is no future”.



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