A Sneak Peek Into PeacePlayers International’s #WhyIPlay Video Challenge

Giving Tuesday is all about giving back to charitable causes.

Giving Tuesday is all about giving back to charitable causes, and #WhyIPlay is key to PeacePlayers’ campaign.

In this week’s blog post, Communications and Development Intern, Matthew Agar, provides a preview of PeacePlayers International’s #WhyIPlay Video Challenge. The #WhyIPlay Video Challenge is part of PPI’s Giving Tuesday campaign,  a global day of giving back to charitable causes.

In the United States of America and Canada, the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. People are hitting the road to go to big family dinners. Jolly uncles and sweet aunts are stuffing themselves with turkey and pumpkin pie. Most importantly, individuals around the world are hitting the stores and the web to find the best deals on clothes, electronics, and jewelry on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Wait, what?!

Yes, the beginning of what singer Andy Williams called the most wonderful time of the year marks the height of enormous devouring of things many of us do not need. Maybe I am being too harsh here, but is this not the opposite of what we should be doing around this time of year? The story of Thanksgiving tells us that we should be thankful for what we have, not thankful for what we can get. Better yet, should we not be giving to those who are in need, whether that need be clothing or food in the case of the impoverished, or a chance at peace in the case of PeacePlayers International’s youth leaders?  I think the answer in both these cases is yes we should. While helping the poor is very important, the point of this blog post is to show how YOU can help in giving the youth at PeacePlayers a chance at peace.

Starting October 27 at 12:00 am, US EST, PeacePlayers International will be participating in Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday, officially December 2, is a global day of giving to charitable causes. PeacePlayers will be taking part in Giving Tuesday in many ways such as posting on social media and encouraging people to donate to our programs. However, the part of Giving Tuesday that I am most proud to be involved in, and the part I am leading, is a video challenge called #WhyIPlay.

Here is the jist of the #WhyIPlay Video Challenge. Beginning October 27 at midnight, submit a 30 to 45 second video to our WooBox platform. Show us why you play sports. In the same video, and in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, explain how you plan to give back to the sports you love. Enter your video. Invite your friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends to take the challenge (the more people you invite, the more bonus votes you get). Vote for videos you like. Oh, and do not forget to share your video and our challenge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #WhyIPlay.

#WhyIPlay is PeacePlayers’ way of reaching out to the world to show how sports help make people feel happy with themselves, the people they know, and the environment around them. We want the challenge to be a humbling rather than competitive experience, but at the same time, we know from the basketball court that competition is unavoidable. Therefore, the video submission that receives the most votes and is the most inspiring will be featured as our promotional video on Giving Tuesday. Any questions? If so, feel free to email me at magar2994@gmail.com. Get pumped and get ready to show us why you play!

Friendships are one of the many reasons why our kids play. Get ready and show us why you play!



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