Representing PeacePlayers in Qatar!



Dimitris proudly wears his PeacePlayers shirt in Doha!

This past week, Cyprus LDP participant Dimitris Charalambos traveled to Doha Qatar for a week and represented PeacePlayers International at the Doha Goals conference. He speaks about his experience and how he is proud to be a part of an organization like PeacePlayers.

Hello everyone! My name is Dimitris Charalambous and I am one of the Greek-Cypriot members of PeacePlayers International-Cyprus. I have been a part of the organization for two years now, but I am not planning to ever stop being a part. I love this organization because it unites Greek-Cypriots with Turkish-Cypriots by doing what we all love, playing basketball!

First time I heard about PeacePlayers was when a friend came up to me and told me I should come to free trainings in my village, so I decided why not go there. When I learned what PeacePlayers is all about I got really into it because I believe we need to live in peace with the north side of Cyprus. We are all the same no matter what religion or country you are from.

Dimitris NBA legend and humanitarian, Dikembe Mutumbo!

Dimitris meets NBA legend and humanitarian, Dikembe Mutombo!

Last month Peaceplayers contacted me and told me I could apply to go to a program called Doha Goals in Doha, Qatar. I applied and I got accepted to go there. The way I saw it is that I am going there to represent PeacePlayers. I am not going for vacation because PeacePlayers are the ones who gave me this opportunity. When I arrived at Doha for Doha-Goals, I arrived with a different group of Cypriots who I never met before but I become really good friends with them. That did not stop me from making new friends from all over the world with people from America, Africa, Luxemburg, Greece, Nigeria, and from many other countries.

When I told people about PeacePlayers they really liked the idea of the organization and they also shared with me things that they do to stop racism in their country or any other problems they have. By talking with all these people I realized that we are not the only ones who want peace in their country and all over the world. Also, we listened to a lot of debates that talked about sport that were very inspiring. So a big THANK YOU to PeacePlayers International-Cyprus for asking me to apply. I learned many things from this trip like problems other countries are facing and how they are trying to bring peace in their country as we are trying in Cyprus and it inspired me to keep going and never stop. Again, thank you for giving me this opportunity and I will never stop supporting PeacePlayers.

Dimitris making new friends from all over the world

Dimitris making new friends from all over the world.


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