How Will You Prepare for This Upcoming Season?

Coach Ryan coaching our youngest future leaders!

Coach Ryan training our youngest future leaders.

International Fellow, Ryan Hage, gives us an update on the PeacePlayers-Cyprus team as of October 1st and shares his excitement fort the upcoming 2014-2015 season. 

Summer is officially over and there are a lot of mixed emotions among all of our current players and coaches. Of

First practice of the year at English School of Kyrenia

First practice of the year at English School of Kyrenia

course, no one wants to see the great summer weather end, but that bad feeling is immediately replaced with a sense of excitement for the upcoming season! Some of the teams have already begun practicing for upcoming games, while others will start training next week.

Coaches have already met to go over last year’s programs. We always want to observe what worked well for us last season and what improvements we can make to the program for the new upcoming season. These amazing coaches are the reason we have such a successful program year in, year out, and we are extremely lucky to have them.

Our newest intern, Rebecca, hard at work!

Our newest intern, Rebecca, hard at work!

In other news, we had a new intern join us this week, Rebecca Clay! Rebecca comes all the way from Norway and is a part of our Lead4Peace program that started back in March with our friends from the Norwegian Nesodden Basketball Club. She had a break from school and chose to spend her time with her new Cypriot friends. She also has been volunteering her time during the day in the PeacePlayers International- Cyprus office helping out in any way possible. Thanks for your help Rebecca!

Rebecca is a great example of what PeacePlayers is all about, making friendships with people from different cultures that speak different languages. It truly shows that basketball is a language that everyone in the world speaks fluently.


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