Fantasy Football for a Cause


Nearly 40 million people compete in fantasy football leagues every year for a combined total of $2 billion in prizes. However, for many, fantasy football isn’t about the prizes, but the camaraderie and friendly competition. The prizes are just an added bonus.

Entrepreneur John Ellis and Assistant GM to the Texas Rangers Thad Levine competed in the same fantasy league for years when they got an idea – what if the money people use to enter a league was put towards charity? Imagine the millions of dollars that could be raised for nonprofit organizations.

Ellis and Levine recently founded Meaningful Wins which allows fantasy football players to compete in leagues for the charity of their choice. Leagues are first set up on commercial platforms such as,, and just as usual. After doing so, they can then register on Each league player then receives an email asking them to register, pay their entry fees, and then choose a charity to play for, upon which completing this information they will receive a tax-deduction receipt. At the end of the fantasy season, the winning player’s charity receives the money!

While any charity can be selected and benefit from this process, Meaningful Wins features ten selected charities, PeacePlayers International being one of them. We are honored to be a featured charity of Meaningful Wins and encourage all of our supporters and friends to register their fantasy leagues on and choose PPI as their charity.

Everyone loves playing fantasy football, so why not play for a cause?


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