This week Ella Harper (9-year-old daughter of PPI-NI Managing Director Gareth Harper), shares with us some video footage she captured at the Belfast Interface Games (BIG) camp held at St John’s GAC in West Belfast. Building on the success of the prior two years, the B.I.G. this year included three days of summer camps in North, South, East and West Belfast. Around 85 children ages 9-13 received training from professional coaches skilled in Gaelic football, rugby and football. Following the summer camps, all participants took part in the flagship Game of Three Halves where they competed against groups from other parts of Belfast in these three sports.Below, Ella and her sister Alana (10 years) share their experiences of their fist BIG camp.

So girls, how was it?

Ella: It was great fun! I was a bit nervous at the start, but I really enjoyed helping my dad out with the games and meeting and playing games with my new friends.

Alana: It was the same for me at the start, but when we got to the gym and started playing, I got stuck right into it.  We were put onto new teams and had to come up with a new team name – we were called  “the Mighty Seamus’s Ducks.”

What was your favourite part?

Ella: I really liked the 4 ball passing game. It was hard to start with, but we got the hang of it.  The game helped me to learn the names of my new teammates.  I also learned how to pass a rugby ball, I have played Gaelic before but never rugby, so that was cool. My team was called  “the Haribo Heads.”

Alana: I really enjoyed playing all the sports and meeting new people. I also enjoyed hanging out with my dad.  The Sports Jeopardy Quiz was great, even though I didn’t get too many of the questions right – I answered “Brian O’Driscoll” to everything.  We also played a cool game called “Empires” – we got to know who everyone’s favourite celebrities where, my dad confused everybody by picking Ozzy Osbourne.


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