Lead 4 Peace Goes to Norway!

cyprus blog cover

Lead 4 Peace participants from Norway and Cyprus came together

Fellow Ryan Hage is in Norway with the Lead 4 Peace leaders taking in the sites and helping coach the young leaders of tomorrow. 

The Lead 4 Peace program was started in March when a group of young leaders from Norway came to visit the island and take part in a weekend retreat in Agros. The retreat was designed to teach the kids about community service in order to have them create a project of their own. They were assisted in identifying a problem or need in their community, create a plan to solve that problem, and then put it into action. From cleaning the beach once a week to hanging out with the elderly, the young leaders were excited about helping their communities in their own unique ways.

norway airport

At the airport waiting to fly to Norway!

On Saturday, 17 Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot Lead 4 Peace participants traveled together to Nesodden, Norway to help coach their week-long basketball camp while also taking seminars in coaching and conflict resolution. The ages of the camp participants are from 8-15 years old, with a lot of newcomers to the game. The Lead 4 Peace leaders were assigned to different ages and helped teach the newcomers the game we all love.

ppi oslo

Exploring Oslo, Norway

Not only have the kids been coaching every day, but also taking in Norwegian culture at its finest. They have tried traditional Norwegian food and are being generously hosted by the families of the Norwegian leaders. They also have had a chance to take the ferry to Oslo and see things like the Nobel Peace Prize Center and the famous marina. Furthermore, the leaders played a friendly international match between each other. It was an extremely close game throughout, with both sides making runs at crucial times. In the end, PeacePlayers-Cyprus squeaked out a win but both sides had a great time and played very hard.

The opportunity has given the leaders an opportunity to try coaching and teach younger players a game that they enjoy. It has been a great time for everyone involved and many players have said they would like to become PeacePlayers coaches one day! It has been an amazing trip that has given PeacePlayers-Cyprus a chance to take in a new culture and show Norway what our mission is.


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