My Time Interning at PeacePlayers

Shad (left) with former intern, Kim Doyle, at the 2014 PeacePlayers Party for Peace Fundraiser in Washington, DC

Shad (left) with former intern, Kim Doyle, at the 2014 PeacePlayers Party for Peace Fundraiser in Washington, DC

Georgetown Sports Industry Management graduate student and former Communications and Development Intern, Shad Sommers, reflects on his time working with PeacePlayers International this past semester:

After four months of working as the Communications and Development intern at PeacePlayers, my time with the organization has come to a close… for now. While the time here flew by, there is no doubt that I learned a lot and got a chance to experience a wide variety of things within the program. The first thing that I noticed when originally interviewing for the position was that it is a young, close-knit office – everyone is within ten steps of each other so there is a lot of interaction going on throughout the day.

But what really drew me to the organization is PPI’s mission is to unite, educate and inspire young people in divided communities through basketball. As the Communications and Development Intern, I managed the daily blogs coming out of each PPI site and got a chance to read about the organizations impact first hand. I often read stories about young children, initially timid and nervous to play with kids from the “other side”, but once they get onto the basketball court, the saw how everyone is the same.

In addition, I helped lead PPI’s social media campaigns, assisted with donor communication, and grant writing. I also got to play an integral role in the organization of PPI’s two annual March Madness fundraisers in Washington, DC and New York. Through all these experiences I was able to see firsthand the internal working of a non-profit. It’s definitely different than actually being outside coaching the kids, but our work allows all of that to happen, which was very fulfilling.

I am now interested in pursuing a career in community relations for a sports team. The internship helped me both refine my skills and taught me new ones I may need in the future. More importantly, I felt I was able to support a great organization, meet many great people and make a real impact in the work I did. I am glad I had the opportunity and I hope to always be a part of the PeacePlayers family.

PPI offers 3 internship opportunities per year: Spring (January – April), Summer (May – August), and Fall (September – December).  If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Internship Page.


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