Meet Your Future: Career Day for PPI-CY


PPI participants eagerly listening and learning from one of the many speakers during Career Day

Last week, PeacePlayer’s Cyprus had its first ever Career Night. The event invited children, ages 15 and up, from both sides of the island to listen to multiple speakers from different career paths.

One of the many speakers going through their career journey

One of the many speakers going through their career journey

Engineering, medicine, entrepreneurship, finance, consulting, archaeology, arts, media, and sports were all covered to give a better sense of what these professions are like and how to get there. Professionals from all over Cyprus volunteered their time to give short presentations and answer any questions that one might have.


Chart your future with the right career choice during Career Day

PPI board members, coaches and volunteers have jobs outside of PeacePlayers that they engage in and are very passionate about. They shared their experiences and their paths to how they got to where they are today. From being a mechanical engineer to owning a business, the night gave many different insights to the young adults.

The one resounding message that came from every presentation was the same: Do what you are passionate about. If you enjoy numbers, consider a career in finance or mathematics and if you love music, pursue a career in the arts. Every person who spoke last Friday night was extremely passionate about what they do. It is important to dream and work hard to achieve those dreams. Many of the presenters’ career paths changed throughout the course of their lives as they did not have their dream job right when they graduated from college. They worked hard to reach where they are today. Through their experiences and what they have learned over time, they were able to mold and configure their dreams and through hard work achieve them.

We hope that all of the children who attended had a good time listening to the speakers and learned a little bit more about what interests them for a career path!


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