What CityWide Means To Me

CityWide means so much to our participants and coaches, both past and present.

The CityWide tournament means so much to our participants and coaches, both past and present.

PeacePlayers South Africa’s 22nd CityWide Tournament is just around the corner, and we would like to take this opportunity to share what the CityWide Tournament (affectionately known as “CityWide”) has meant to past participants, current coaches, and others who have taken part in previous renditions of the tournament throughout the years. CityWide is always one of PPI-SA’s main highlights of the year, as every PPI-SA primary school team comes together in the city center for a day full of hoops, friends, and fun. Bringing all of our participants (and coaches) from different communities together is at the heart of what PPI-SA is all about, and the tournament’s positive impact on those involved is reflected in the following quotes:

“CityWide has always been about bringing together the children of the future and through sport. Basketball allows them to just be children and do what they love most- to play and have fun. It is also an opportunity for the coaches to see the great fruits of their labor in the improvement and sportsmanship of the children.” – Nondumiso, Coach , Umlazi

“Bringing people from different communities together and being united for one purpose. At CityWide we all share the moment of playing the great game of basketball.”- Sifiso Mthembu, Coach, Molweni

“CityWide is the greatness of change, and we create that greatness by bridging divides, and giving a platform for hope.” – Ntobeko Ngamu, PPI Office Staff and Coach

“CityWide for me means FUN, basketball, and unity. It is a day where we celebrate basketball and completely forget about our differences.” – Sbahle Mkhize, Coach, Durban

“CityWide makes me feel like someone who is really important for the kids because they depend on me. At the CityWide I can forget all the troubles in my life and be happy in the moment.”- MJ, Coach, Umbumbulu

“The CityWide is an awesome event that brings kids together to enjoy and share the love they have for basketball. When I played at the CityWide I gained much experience of the game and got the chance to have fun with other kids from different communites. The CityWide is always the best way to promote social cohesion.” –Msa, Coach, Lamontville

“CityWide means seeing a group of people with friendly smiles in one place who are passionate about basketball. I always looked forward to being part of that atmosphere. Whether as a player or coach my goal was to make friends, have fun and learn.” — Andile, Coach, Umlazi

“CityWide is for all different areas that are a part of PPI to come together, have fun, play and support each other. The tournament is a platform to bridge divides and change perceptions we may have about people that are different from us. “ – Sma, Coach, Umlazi

“CityWide to me was my first taste of basketball competitiveness and playing in a big tournament. It is exciting, energetic, beautiful, and unforgettable.” – Yamkela, Coach, Durban

“I love CityWide because it provides a central showcase for all the hard work put in throughout the year in the various communities. It ties everything together and everyone has such a great time.” –Kyler McClary, International Fellow

“Throughout the year we work in individual communities, but it is for a common purpose that we all share. When everyone has the opportunity to come together to a central place, you can really feel the efforts and work of the year come together. There is passion, purpose, and most of all smiling children. The PPI kids will remember CityWide as a really positive sport experience, and these memories will stay with them forever.”- Kristin Degou, International Fellow


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