What is a hero to you?


International Fellow, Kristin Degou, helping a PPI player learn new skills. Kristin has been a fellow in South Africa since February 2012

In the words of Joseph Campbell, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Throughout the month of October we will be taking the time to highlight some of our favorite PeacePlayers Heroes. A PPI Hero is someone who leads by example, stands up for what they believe in, and helps to create a more peaceful future. Our organization is filled with many heroes, some with different roles, but all the same objective- to make the world a better and more peaceful place.


In 2012 Michael Ott (left) spent 2 weeks volunteering at PeacePlayers sites in the Middle East and Cyprus

Our PPI Hero campaign is our opportunity to recognize our selected heroes, and also a chance to express our gratitude for their support! Each day PPI will feature a new #PPIHero through Facebook and Twitter. Through our PPI Hero campaign, followers will be able to connect with children who have organized grassroots events to raise support for our programs, participants who lead by example, coaches who incorporate PeacePlayers mission into their everyday teachings, and our supporters who share our mission and help us to accomplish all that we are able to.

Do you know someone who is a #PPIHero? Send us their story and a picture and we may include them in our campaign! Email us at info@peaceplayersintl.org.

You can help us share the amazing efforts made by all our PPI Heroes and inspire others to join in and help make the world a more peaceful place.


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