The Little League World Series: Creating International Friendships


Japanese players celebrating a victory.

The Little League World Series is an international baseball tournament held is held in South Williamsport, PA for participants ages 11-13, and is broadcasted nationally on ESPN. Founded in 1939, Little League Baseball is a non-profit sports organization, designed to develop well-rounded citizens in addition to outstanding athletes. Since the creation of Little League in 1939 the organization has grown enormously, with 2,418,480 boys and girls participating in the 2012 season. Initially only teams from the United States competed in the Little League World Series, but as baseball’s popularity grew during the 50’s and 60’s, Little League exploded both in the U.S. and internationally, with teams from Venezuela, Spain, Chinese Taipei and Berlin entering into the competition.


Nashville’s Robert Hassell (R) consoles Texas pitcher, Jesus Ortiz, who was taken out during the fourth inning of an elimination baseball game at the Little League World Series.

The South Nashville All-Stars flew to Pennsylvania, excited about their opportunity to compete on the international stage, but a scheduling mixup had them stuck in over 20 hours of travel delays. When they finally arrived late Saturday night their luggage and equipment were missing! But to their delight the young boys from the Australia team let them borrow their gloves. Even amidst intense competition, the young boys were able to appreciate one another’s talent and build friendships based on their common thread: sport.

Whether you play basketball, baseball or any other sport, we believe there is an opportunity to unite, educate and inspire youth to create a positive change in the world.

Chad Knight

Westport Connecticut players wait to greet Chad Knight (24) after his home run off Washington’s Jack Carper,during the fifth inning of an elimination game.


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