From the Archive: Prince William and Catherine Middleton select PeacePlayers International – Northern Ireland as a beneficiary of the Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund


In honor of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son, George Alexander Louis, PPI would like to congratulate the couple and re-share a blog post from March 2011, when we announced that Prince William and Catherine Middleton had selected PPI-NI as a beneficiary of the Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund:


BELFAST, Northern Ireland – Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton have set up a charitable gift fund for those who may very generously wish to donate to charity to help the couple celebrate their April wedding. Having been touched by the goodwill shown them since the announcement of their engagement, Prince William and Miss Middleton have asked that anyone who might wish to give them a wedding gift consider giving instead to a charitable fund.

PeacePlayers International – Northern Ireland (PPI-NI) is one of the 26 charities that have been personally chosen by Prince William and Miss Middleton in both the UK and abroad. The donations will be held in a specifically designated account by the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry and grants will be distributed in partnership with the benefiting charities to ensure maximum impact.

During their recent visit to Belfast, Prince William and Miss Middleton met representatives of the charity.

“It is a great honour for PeacePlayers International – Northern Ireland to have been selected by Prince William and Miss Middleton,” said Trevor Ringland, PPI-NI Board Chairman. “We are flattered that both the work of PPI-NI and the role of sport in conflict transformation are being recognized in such a highly visible manner. We are very proud of the fact that PPI-NI participants are given the opportunity to develop lasting friendships with children from the other community by competing on integrated teams. These children represent the building blocks of peace for our future.”

About PeacePlayers International – Northern Ireland: PPI-NI is a cross-community charity that uses the game of basketball to unite young people from the Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist and Catholic/Republican/Nationalist communities in Belfast and select surrounding areas. Basketball, unlike traditional sports, is not affiliated with either community, and therefore provides a neutral space to address the cultural divide. By competing together on integrated teams, children from these historically divided communities can discover common ground and forge new friendships. The contact element of PPI-NI’s programmes is further enhanced through age-appropriate community relations and team-building activities that aim to bridge divides, change perceptions, and empower children to impart positive change in their communities. Since 2002, PPI-NI has worked with thousands of young people to successfully challenge sectarianism and promote mutual respect in the communities that suffer most from the legacy of conflict.


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