Dare To Dream Bigger

college-graduationTis the season for donning caps and gowns, celebrating with friends and family and listening to inspiring words of wisdom. To commemorate graduation season, here are some quotes from this year’s notable commencement speakers that resonate with PeacePlayers’s values of being champions for peace and catalysts for social change:

“There’s no how-to guide for how to change the world…But it’s easy to get hung up by misconceptions about what it takes to make an impact…We are making progress today not because of a big idea, but because of a big commitment. Because we plunged in and embraced the journey of constant learning and improvement…Don’t put your desire to change the world on hold…Start and go forth in constant pursuit of learning and impact.” – Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America, Boston University

“Every day in every life consists of things that are going well, and things that are going badly…We have the power to imagine whatever we want, why don’t we imagine the best? Why don’t we create our own fantasies?” – Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, Smith College

“The whole thing comes down to in the end whether we face the future with open hands or closed fists…You can’t share the future unless you share the responsibility for building it.” – Former President Bill Clinton, Howard University

“I dare you, Class of 2013, to do better. I dare you to dream bigger” – President Barack Obama, Ohio State University

PeacePlayers dares its participants, and you, to dream bigger too: The dream of a world where children of different backgrounds can play together, live together and build a more peaceful society.

Check out this video of PeacePlayers International Executive Director, Brendan Tuohey, speaking at his alma mater, Colgate University in 2012:


One thought on “Dare To Dream Bigger

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