Spreading the Love – An Afternoon of Peace in the Middle East

American volunteer Jack Randolph posing with some of the girls from Usaphiya

American volunteer Jack Randolph posing with some of the girls from Usaphiya

Last Friday PPI – Middle East held a Peace League event for two Jewish teams from the cities of Haifa and Holon, one Arab team from Tamra, and a Druze team from the city of Usafiya. PeacePlayers runs events like these to give participants a chance to come together and play in competitive games on mixed teams with kids from different areas.

PPI participant Yael from Holon goofing around!

PPI participant Yahel from Holon goofing around!

For Jack Randolph, our American volunteer, it was his first time witnessing a Peace League event. Jack noticed how as an observer you would have no idea that the players are of religions that rarely mix with each other. Instead, you would see is a large group of teenage girls having a great time enjoying each other’s company and playing sports. Afterwards Jack said, “I was extremely impressed by the girls basketball ability and physical play. What was even cooler was that while the games were very competitive the participants really seemed to care about each other and want everyone to succeed.”

This is type of attitude PPI hopes to develop and teach all of its participants, and Peace Leagues are just another exciting way to show everyone that despite our differences we can come together and make the world a better place. Yahel Jovanovic, a new Jewish girl from the Holon team had this to say: “Playing with the Arab and Druze girls is normal to me now. I have been in PPI for over half a year so I know these girls well and consider them my friends. It was weird in the beginning when we first started playing but it isn’t anymore.”


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