Happy Mother’s Day from PeacePlayers!

PeacePlayer Dimitris Charalambous and his mother Cleopatra

Cleopatra Charalambous and her son, Dimitris, outside of Larnaca, Cyprus

If it weren’t for the love, support and encouragement of our mom’s we wouldn’t be the people we are today. That is why this week, in honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to get to know one of our amazing PPI moms, Cleopatra Charalambous,  mother of one of our very special young leaders, Dimitris.

PeacePlayer Dimitris Charalambous and his mother Cleopatra

Dimitris and his mother Cleopatra in their home in Larnaca

Cleopatra was raised in London but returned to Cyprus over 20 years ago.  A mother of four, and working full-time at UCLAN University in Pyla, Cyprus, Cleopatra is quite a busy woman.  She is the epitome of hard working, loving moms worldwide who balance their professionalism with the invaluable task of raising and shaping their children into the young leaders they dream for them to become.

Having been raised in the multi-cultural atmosphere that is London, Cleopatra  developed an understanding of the importance of respecting other cultures and seeing people as people.  Even while raising her children in the quiet community of Larnaca, Cleopatra has managed to pass along these important  values to her children.

Dimitris (left) getting ready to play with his bi-communal team at the Hasna Cup in Norway

Dimitris (left) getting ready to play with his bi-communal team at the Hasna Cup in Norway

Six months ago Cleopatra’s 16 year old son Dimitris joined PeacePlayers and has already become a standout participant. After demonstrating leadership on and off the court, Dimitris was chosen to attend our Leadership Development Camp in Kantara  and travled to Norway with the PeacePlayers bi-communal boys’ team to compete in the Hansa Cup.

“PeacePlayers has been such a great opportunity for Dimitris, it is only too bad that he found out about the organization so late.  He doesn’t want to detach from the organization so when he finishes playing he wants to become a PeacePlayers leader.”

Dimitris with his new friend Tunc at the LDP camp in Kantara

Dimitris (left) with his new friend, Tunc, at the LDP camp in Kantara

Cleopatra has been very supportive of her son’s interest in PeacePlayers, and is thankful for the opportunity for Dimitris to develop new friendships with young people from all over Cyprus. When we asked Dimitris if his mom was nervous about going to the LDP camp in Kantara he said, “I don’t think so. She thinks it is great for me to have friends that are Turkish-Cypriots and I would spend more time with them.”

Cleopatra is the kind of encouraging parent that we as an organization are grateful for. When asked what she would like to see from PeacePlayers in the future, she responded, “I would love to see more children in Cyprus have the opportunity to be a part of PeacePlayers.  The organisation is an excellent tool for promoting good relations between our Turkish-Cypriot and Greek-Cypriot communities, and the kids that are involved are getting a lot out of it.”

On behalf of the entire PPI family around the world, we are wishing every mom a Happy Mother’s Day!


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