PeacePlayers Gets Animated: Part 2!

Introducing the two stars of the PeacePlayers Animation: Olivia and her coach Daphne!

Introducing the two stars of the PeacePlayers Animation: Olivia and her coach Daphne!

About a month and a half ago we announced, through our blog, the exciting news that PeacePlayers was becoming animated. Check out the previous blog:  Our team has been putting in great energy and efforts through the process over the past month and a half and we are proud to announce that 3 of the 5 videos are complete.  The 5 short animated films will become an educational tool used across our PeacePlayers sites and with youth development organizations worldwide.  The videos depict the PeacePlayers’ proven and effective methodology in using sport as a tool for peace-building and youth development. Alongside the animated videos will be training modules guiding the viewers through specific learning objectives for each video.

The development and creation crew includes PeacePlayers – Cyprus and PPI -International, The Cyprus Community Media Center and our animation team from Ze’dem Media.   UNDP – Action for Cooperation and Trust as well as USAID, our funders, have given us the opportunity to share our project and seek feedback from other organizations within the region. Stephanie Nicolas and Ashley Johnson will be traveling to Israel as part of a “Practitioner’s Exchange” where they will meet with 4 NGOs and unveil the PeacePlayers animated videos.  The goals of the trip will be to consult with other organizations involved in youth development and peace – building activities, receive feedback on our videos and create an action plan for the dissemination process of the films.

Of course one of the NGOs we will be sharing the videos with will be PPI – Middle East.  This will be a tremendous opportunity to meet our PeacePlayers extended family and strengthen the links between our two programs.  Our Practitioners’ Exchange serendipitously aligns with a PPI – ME retreat next weekend giving us the benefit of having staff, coaches and participants all in one location and the opportunity to share our project with all.

Follow the teams’ work during their time in Israel and the video creation process on our Facebook page.  We will be updating regularly in anticipation of the premier of PeacePlayers Animation!


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