A Tribute to a Legend

RIP Marvin Newman

Marvin Newman, who worked for the South Africa branch of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, passed away unexpectedly last week.

Last Tuesday, January 15, PPI-SA received the devastating news that our friend and colleague, Marvin Newman, had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Marvin worked for the South Africa branch of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, a close partner of PPI-SA and a pioneer in the field of sport for social change. Below is a post written by PPI-SA Marketing Manager Ryan Douwie, who was close with Marvin not only through work, but outside the office as well. Just two months ago, Ryan and Marvin traveled to Barcelona, Spain for the Laureus Global Summit where they shared lots of fun times together:

When I first heard the news of the passing of Marvin, I was shocked. My heart sank as I sat in my chair and wondered, “Is this real?” Just a few weeks ago, we were rocking and rolling in Barcelona, sharing laughter, joy and silently celebrating the great news that he would soon be joining Mario and I in fatherhood.

Ryan (left) and Marvin (2nd from left) show off for the camera in Barcelona.

Ryan (left) and Marvin (2nd from left) show off for the camera in Barcelona.

Marvin was an advocate for all the projects that Laureus Sport for Good Foundation – South Africa (LSFG) funded. I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to spend time with him, both socially and through work, before he sadly left us. Our time was always well spent, talking about life and somehow or the other, we got to chatting about work. Marvin’s passion for driving social change was remarkable. He was a true ambassador for LSFG and South Africa as a whole.

I remember our last moments, and every time I think of Spain, I giggle in silence. It was in Barcelona where Marvin, Mario (our mutual friend and founder of Great Commission United) and I spent some quality time together. My room was always the rendezvous point and I can clearly remember after arriving on the first day, all three of us wandering the streets of Barcelona, talking about life, love and how us three coloured folk from South Africa have defied all odds to be where we are today.

Through Marvin’s passing, I am reminded to live everyday as if it was my last. Love, laugh, share and give everything your all! Although his passing is a tough one to accept, I know his legacy will live on, in everyone’s lives that he has touched.

Rest well my brother and until our souls cross paths again, Rest in Peace!


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