PPI SA New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

Participants from Berea Primary School. At PPI-SA,  our New Years Resolution is to deliver a great product to our customer!

At PPI-SA, one of our New Years Resolutions is to deliver a great product to our customers, such as the participants from the Berea Primary School shown above.

Did you have a New Year’s Resolution? Around the start of a new year, there is always a higher sense of self-efficacy among people. For some reason, a new year helps us to believe we have the ability to accomplish our goals.

It’s the thought of something new that helps us to have confidence that we can change, improve, and make ourselves better in some way. New Year’s Resolutions have become so common that they are often seen as taboo, and too often they are not fulfilled. However, we at PPI – SA have been brainstorming and preparing for our New Year’s resolutions for our 2013 programme long before the ball dropped at midnight. Here are the PPI – SA New Year’s Resolutions for 2013!

Better Integrate Life Skills and Basketball

What a challenge and great opportunity this has been for our staff. Over the holiday break in SA, our team came together to totally revamp and restructure our curriculum, finding a way to harness the real power of sport to teach life skills. Previously, basketball and life skills sessions were scheduled for separate days. We felt we were not doing enough to connect the skills learned in basketball with how they can be used in real life. This is the point we really want to drive home. Basketball, and sport, can take you places in life because of the values that it teaches naturally; having a purpose, self-confidence, self-discipline, teamwork, communication, the list goes on and on. This has been a long time coming for PPI-SA and we are beyond exited to get this new LS program underway.

Run Basketball Camps

The off season is a great time to work on basketball skills and at PPI we want to give our participants all the opportunities possible to improve and learn. Our goal is to run mini camps, a few days in length, and get the kids playing in the off season. Anyone who has played basketball knows that camps are a staple of learning the sport, and provide a platform for learning, social development, and just plain fun! Fellows Kyler McClary and Kristin Degou both have a lot of experience with running basketball summer camps back in the states, so we are excited to introduce this into our program.

Excellence in Training Our Coaches

The quality of our coaches is of utmost importance this semester, and we realize we must give them the support they need to achieve our standard of excellence for which we are striving. Coaches have the most hands on interaction with our participants, as they are the role models and mentors that we expect to carry out our mission. This year our training will involve a deeper understanding of the basketball drills and life skills activities and why we do them. Our coaches will be able to relate basketball to life and find the teachable moments in every drill that can relate to everyday life. Our training is based on this idea and will empower them with the skills and confidence they need to be a caring coach, one who cares about the holistic development of each player.

Our New Year's resolution: Training PPI-SA coaches to better integrate Life Skills and Basketball

Our New Year’s resolution: Training PPI-SA coaches to better integrate Life Skills and Basketball

Hold successful City Wide Tournaments

This is easily our most important and fun event of the year. The 2012 City-Wide tournament was one of our best moments in 2012. We hosted  800 participants and certainly were able to bridge divides and change perceptions as kids from many different areas played on mixed teams and played together. CWT is our marquee event and such a great incentive for kids to work hard during the semester. City Wide brings us all together and reminds us how connected the whole PPI-SA family is and how many youth we touch through our work.

Value our Participants

It is so important to reflect on why you are doing what you do. Sometimes, over the years of doing the same kind of work, things can become routine. At PPI-SA we had to take some steps back and reflect on our program in order to gain the strength we needed to move forward and improve. The once aspect that we realize is the most important is our customer. We don’t have big name clientele with lots of money. It isn’t like that.  Our “customer” is our participants, kids that we give hope to through sport and through our program. And they deserve excellence just like anyone else. Our new-ish Managing Director, Marcel van der Heever, has made that idea the foundation of our program and we are striving to make sure we deliver. Our resolution is to create a world for them with purpose, and hope for the future.


PPI-SA is confident, our hopes are high, and we believe we can achieve. Who knows the origin behind this feeling of confidence that surfaces every time a new year comes around? Although the motive probably varies for everyone, the obvious reason is that there is something NEW; and NEW means possibility for greatness.


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