PPI Says Goodbye to Technical Assistance Intern Will Imbo

IMG_3743This week’s blog is written by William Imbo, who recently finished a semester as PPI’s Technical Assistance Intern. Will has prior experience with a grass roots organization coaching basketball in Ghana and worked with FIFA. If you are interested in working as an intern in the PPI office, check out the careers section of our website.

During my first semester as a graduate student in the Sports Industry Management program at Georgetown University, I was fortunate enough to acquire an internship at PeacePlayers International, a non-profit organization that uses basketball to bring children together in divided communities of the world. I felt this internship was beneficial to my learning experience, as I was given relevant meaningful work, including government grant research, survey reviews and design, as well as the creation of a basketball drill curriculum. The additional computer skills I learned will also definitely be of great use to me in the future.

But the best part of the experience where the people I worked with in the office. Everyone was very friendly, willing to help and talked a lot about their own experiences in the sports industry. It was also fascinating to hear about the work they have done abroad, as almost everyone at the D.C. office had spent significant time abroad on PPI projects, in the thick of things. As someone who loves to travel, I certainly felt that I was in the right place. Overall, PPI turned out to be a great internship experience for me. I learned a lot of new skills that have provided me with a solid base moving forward, and I will be staying in touch with the people there as my career progresses.


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