PPI-SA Joins the Sport For Good World in Barcelona

The 2nd Annual Laureus Sport for Good Summit in Barcelona

Last week, PPI-SA  representatived at the annual Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Global Summit, which was held in Barcelona, Spain.  The Summit was hosted at Nou Camp Stadium, the home of one of the world’s most famous and successful soccer teams, FC Barcelona. The three-day programme, which included guest talks and interactive workshops, provided a valuable platform for networking and sharing best practices. Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is one of PPI-SA’s longest supporters and over the years, the relationship has matured from a funding relationship to a partnership approach as both PPI and Laureus share similar core values.

PPI-SA’s Marketing Manager and longest tenured employee, Ryan Douwie, attended the summit along with Nasiphi Khafu. Nasiphi was chosen among her peers and educators to represent the Laureus YES Program, in which she was a part of a 6 month pilot program developing the best youth leaders in SA.

Ryan Douwie representing PPI-SA in Barcelona at the Laureus Sport for Good Summit

The Laureus Global Summit brings together representatives from more than 100 sports-based community projects around the world which are supported by Laureus. In Barcelona, project leaders from 34 countries joined members of the Laureus World Sports Academy and representatives of other sport for good organizations to share knowledge and innovation around the use of sport to improve the lives of young people.

Laureus Chairman Edwin Moses added: “This is a unique gathering of experts on the use of sport as a tool for social change. Laureus-supported projects around the world are all pushing the barriers of what sport can achieve for young people and at Laureus we see the impact they are having year round, with young people moving out of gangs, gaining qualifications, moving into employment, and improving physical and mental health. The objective of this event is to strengthen the global network of Laureus Sport for Good projects by giving them a space where they can share ideas, knowledge and good practice with one another. Ultimately this translates into more impact for kids and communities as projects access cutting edge learning and approaches from around the world.”

“When I joined the sport industry, I had always wanted to find meaning in my life, to do something I loved. When I joined PPI-SA, I found that. PeacePlayers ignited a desire in me to do more for my community using sport, and Laureus is giving me that opportunity. Laureus made me believe I can impact kids worldwide and give hope, and my voice can be heard. I want to thank PPI-SA and Laureus for believing in me and for this amazing opportunity to learn. It was amazing to see where South Africa stands compared to everywhere in the world, how we all have a common goal.” – Nasiphi Khafu, PPI – SA youth leader

Nasiphi at Nou Camp Stadium in Barcelona

PPI-SA is very grateful to the many ways Laureus has contributed to our program, and the future is bright for South Africa and the sport for good movement. Laureus is giving more and more opportunities for young people in South Africa and PPI will be a front runner in developing leaders and exposing them to these opportunities.

Douwie was very pleased with the experience at the summit, adding that he was, “particularly happy with the workshops that were hosted. Many organizations had the opportunity to showcase their work and share best practices. I felt that scaling up and collaborating in a competitive environment suited to the essence of the summit perfectly as fundraising and sustainability becomes tougher. As PPI, we were able to showcase our global partnership with Laureus through hosting three hour-long sessions focused on teaching conflict resolution through basketball.”

Check out this amazing video that captures the true beauty of the Laureus summit, where Nasiphi, Ryan, and PPI Organizational Learning Specialist Gunnar Hagstrom are all featured!


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