PPI Shares Best Practices Around the World

Gunnar working with the PPI team in South Africa, learning and sharing PPI’s best practices

This week PPI Operations Learning Specialist, Gunnar Hagstrom, shares his thoughts about his recent travels and how he is sharing PPI’s best practices to all of our programs around the world.

It has been a whirlwind first two months on the job – Israel, Argentina, Northern Ireland, South Africa and Cyprus – but the experience has been incredible. It doesn’t matter which site you are in, the mission is the same: bringing kids together through the game of basketball. But what is truly amazing is how unique each PPI program is and how they are able to use different strategies and implementation methods to achieve the same goal. The thing that stands out to me most, however, is just how amazing PPI’s people are.  Although food usually dominates the conversation, the passion that all the members of PPI have for our mission is inspiring.

Gunnar with the PPI team in South Africa

For the Technical Assistance program, the ability to learn how to succeed and overcome barriers in different regions of the world is incredibly valuable – it gives us the ability to help work with organizations and give insights from a variety of different perspectives. But within PPI, it is allowing us to share best practices methods internally – whether it is PPI-ME’s new implementation strategy or PPI-NI’s diversity awareness curriculum, the ability to share experiences and information across sites has already proved extremely useful.

I spent this past week with PPI-SA where, among other things, we went over both the content and implementation strategy of the curriculum being used in PPI-ME.  As we went over different Anatomy of Peace basketball drills, members of PPI-SA took these concepts and immediately brought them to life in their own local context – applying them to peer pressure, respect, and making responsible decisions.  As PPI-SA Board Chair said, “It was a goosebumps moment.”

Next I will be traveling to Barcelona for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation’s Annual Summit, where I will  meet with Ryan Douwie (PPI-SA) and Karen Doubilet (PPI-ME) to provide other organizations from across the globe the opportunity to witness and take part in the great work that PPI is doing around the world.


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