You don’t Need to be on the Court to be in the Game!

Behind the scenes and away from the classrooms, the court, and the kids, but very much inspired by all three, the Board of PPI-NI have been busying themselves over the past few months in thinking about the future. Consideration of two really important questions have been top of the agenda:

1. How can PPI-NI best build upon the strong foundation of work and experience that has been developed in expanding and scaling up its impact and reach?

2. Which business model/s would best support the further growth and expansion of our work and impact in Northern Ireland?

PeacePlayers has no doubt matured over the years and we are currently in a strong position.   PPI-NI has under its belt over 10 years experience in using the game of basketball to unite young people from the Catholic/Nationalist/Republican and Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist communities.  Championed by PeacePlayers, the potential of sport for community relations work is increasingly being recognized. Realizing this potential is what has been and is currently occupying the minds of local Board members in Northern Ireland.

PPI-NI Chairman Trevor Ringland, along with fellow Board member Jim Fitzpatrick, who acted as MC at the Belfast Interface Games.

The Board has not been alone in its deliberations and has welcomed support when offered.  At the end of August PPI Global Board member Keith Horn was in Belfast lending his international experience to a strategy conversation kindly facilitated by Jonathon McAlpin from the Ulster Community Investment Trust.  Furthermore, back in June PPI-NI learned of the Business Support Package that came with its shortlisting for the Beyond Sport P&G UK Impact Award, essentially a consultancy and advice service amounting to 50 days of pro-bono support to be provided by Award partners PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

At PPI-NI, we are confident about where we want to go and what we want to achieve.  In addition, there exists now a fantastic opportunity to be supported in gathering the information that will assist us in making strategic planning and investment decisions that will pay dividends in the future in terms of our ability to continue to deliver on our mission:

“To develop young leaders to promote respect and mutual understanding between different communities in Northern Ireland, through sport, using the game of basketball as a model.”

PPI-NI Vice-chair James Magowan with his son Robert at the Belfast Interface games.

As friends and followers of PeacePlayers we would love for you to get involved in thinking about the journey.  So from wherever you are, why not get in the game by responding to this blog and sharing with us what you think are the questions we should be asking and of whom should we be asking them in informing how best we might get there?


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