Thanks to PPI – Northern Ireland

This week’s blog post is written by PPI – Northern Ireland’s summer intern, Alberto. Read Alberto’s May post to “From the Field” here.

Alberto on the court

Hello again everybody,

It has been two months since I first wrote here. Since then, I have taken part in lots of events (twinning programmeGame of Three HalvesSpring JamCCL).

School time has ended for the summer, and we are now in the midst of our Interface Games camps in North, East, South and West Belfast. Unfortunately I will be here just for the North and West Belfast camps, but surely all of them are going amazing!

Here in the PPI-NI office, everything is going great. Colleagues are making me feel at home and we are helping each other out. I’m still meeting new people and learning new things, too.

Alberto leads a team-building activity

Spring Jam was such an interesting day. We worked with a huge number of children- all motivated, keen on playing, and really looking forward to meeting more kids. I had the luck to work on the team-building games with Patrick Harley. Everybody had fun there, not only children, but also the coaches and volunteers.

I am coming to the end of my time with PPI-NI. I will be sad to leave, but it has been an amazing placement and opportunity to work here.

I would like to thank everyone who has made it sweet to the beat!

Alberto (far left) with members of the PPI-NI staff


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