PeacePlayers Rocks the Whiterock Summer Scheme!

The past couple of weeks, PPI-NI coaches have been helping out at the Whiterock Community Centre Summer Scheme in the Falls Road area of West Belfast. PPI-NI staff members Joanne Fitzpatrick, Rory O’Neil as well as interns Kate Ray and Patrick Harley have been running basketball drills, fun games, and matches for the Whiterock kids. PPI-NI has been working with the community centre for numerous years and its members are no stranger to PeacePlayers. Kids affiliated with Whiterock this past year participated in our Primary School Twinning Program at St. Kevin’s Primary School, in our Senior Cross-Community League in North Belfast as well as our Advanced Leadership Program residentials. It’s amazing to think that just a small group of kids at a local community centre in Belfast are represented in every single PPI-NI program that we offer. In addition, several of the older members of the community centre are Junior Coaches with PeacePlayers who will be helping out at next week’s West Belfast Interface Games camp at St. John’s Gaelic Athletic Club. Tune in next week for more highlights of that exciting initiative.

Enjoy this video showcasing some of the skills that the Whiterock kids possess (both on…and off the court).

Thanks for having us back this year Whiterock!!!


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