Titanic Mania Takes Over King’s Park Primary School

One hundred years after the birth of the world’s most famous ship, Titanic Belfast has become a major new tourist attraction for Northern Ireland.

With the recent opening of Titanic Belfast in Northern Ireland, everyone from local politicians to primary school children to tourists have embraced the centenary anniversary of the building of one of the world’s most famous ships. While most of the world associates the RMS Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and icebergs, Belfast is commemorating all of the hard work, pride, and engineering greatness associated with Titanic’s beginning instead of the despair and depression associated with its demise. The building of the Titanic is celebrated throughout Northern Ireland as one of the proudest accomplishments of its historic ship-building past. Many a time during my tenure here in Belfast people have talked glowingly about the Titanic stating quite humorously: “Hey, she was in perfect condition when she left here!”

Last week, PPI-NI hosted a P5 twinning in Lurgan with pupils from King’s Park and Lurgan Model primary schools. The event was held at King’s Park and on our way into the session, PPI-NI coaches were treated to an entire cafeteria’s worth of Titanic models done by the entire school at King’s Park. In the spirit of the anniversary of the building of the Titanic, we would like to share with you some of the creative work behind one’s of PPI-NI’s schools. Enjoy!


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