PPI-CY kids go to professional games

Guard Jackson out of Warner Pacific College at the Etha vs. Apollon game

This week March Madness continues, and in Cyprus PeacePlayers has been celebrating by taking kids to their first professional basketball games ever! On Tuesday, PPI-CY took seven children from our team in Dali and nine children from our team newest team in Engomi to the playoff match between Etha and Apollon. The match was an exciting one, where Etha won advancing to the championship round.

“It was great to see the kids so excited about the game. They kept asking questions about the rules of the game because it was the first actual game they could see in person. It was so nice to be there with the kids.” – PPI-CY Coordinator Athanasios

On Wednesday, PPI-CY took seven children from the girl’s team in Kiti to see Karavnos play AEK. In an incredible upset, AEK beat Karavnos. The two teams will now play again in a final game 5 to decide who gets to advance to the championship game against Etha.

For nearly all of the kids, it was their first time ever seeing a real basketball game in person. It was a memorable experience for all the kids. PPI-CY would also like to give a special thanks to the coaches of Etha and AEK who were able to give free tickets to all the PPI-CY kids to attend the matches. PeacePlayers was happy to create such a fun and unique experience for the kids.


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