Congrats to the Royal Newly Weds!

PPI would like to congratulate the royal newly weds. The ceremony was beautiful! For PeacePlayers, the couple’s big day has brought us some welcome attention from various media outlets:

Nick Booth, chief executive of the Prince William and Prince Harry Foundation, which is hosting the wedding list fund, described the couple’s choices as “remarkable” and “forward looking”. They worked with experts including Comic Relief and the analysts New Philanthropy Capital to identify the 26 charities. The aim, said Booth, was “catalytic philanthropy” – focusing resources on ambitious, smaller organisations that demonstrate real social impact and the ability to grow and expand.

  • USAToday also wrote an article on the fund, focusing on PeacePlayers International as its only US-based recipient.

Overall, the response to our inclusion in the Royal Wedding Charity Fund has been enormous.  Thank you so much to the couple once again for their support of our mission of bridging divides worldwide!


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