Friends from Near and Far Join PPI – ME in Jerusalem for the Peace League

The Peace League hosted teams at the Hand in Hand School in Jerusalem.

On Friday, April 8th PPI – ME’s team of girls in grade 5 from East Jerusalem hosted two teams at the Hand in Hand Bilingual School gym, for the first of two meetings of PPI – ME’s annual Peace League.

Participants chowed down on pizza after the tournament.

One visiting team came from nearby Mat’e Yehuda Regional Council. This team has been twinning with the East Jerusalem team over the past few months. The second visiting team came from Zikhron Ya’acov, a good two-hour drive north of Jerusalem. This was the first time this year that the girls from Zikhron Ya’acov met their counterparts from East Jerusalem and Mat’e Yehuda.

Referee and former PPI Fellow, David Lasday, works with a visiting team.

The day before the tournament the host team met in the gym, set up for the matches, and prepared signs announcing the Peace League and welcoming each of the visiting teams. The signs were posted on every corner of the gym during the event. During the tournament each team played against each other. As it happened, every team won one game. After the games were over, everyone had pizza and refreshments.

We threw Galit a surprise birthday party!

On the sidelines PPI – ME Manager of Basketball Operations Vito Gilic operated the scoreboard with some members of the PPI – ME Leadership Development Program. For the veteran PeacePlayers, this was an opportunity to help and guide the younger participants as well as practice their skills in operating the scoreboard, in the case that they are asked to help in future PPI – ME activities. David Lasday, former PPI Fellow, also pitched in serving as a referee. After the event was over, the participants threw a surprise birthday party for PPI – ME’s Logistical Manager Galit Sahar. Happy Birthday, Galit!

The Peace League is one of many activities generously funded by USAID.


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